Samsung Galaxy S4 Review


There was a lot of expectation when Samsung announced the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4, since Galaxy SIII ruled the Android world. Galaxy S4 did not dishearten those fans looking forward to its unveiling. It accommodates an octa-core processor and a big and bright high-definition screen. The phone doesn’t differ much in terms of looks from its ancestors.

Galaxy S4 is made from polycarbonate element. The screen is even more flat as compared to Galaxy SIII. You can avail the phone in two colors – Black Mist and White Frost. It has a 5- inch screen and looks more like a phone and less like a tablet because of its definite frame and sleek bezel. The Home button and the two touch buttons for Menu and Back still prevails on the front of the phone. The power button is on the right side of the phone, the volume control on the left, a 3.5mm head-set jack and an Infra-red receiver on top and a Micro-USB port at the bottom of the phone. Galaxy S4 also features camera-lens of 13 mega-pixels accompanied with a LED flash just below it.

Galaxy S4 has a 5- inch HD super AMOLED display with a 1080×1920 pixels resolution. Visibility under the sun is good and angles of viewing the phone are amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S4 runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The phone gives a choice between the Ripple Effect and the new Light Effect for the unlock animation. It also offers up to seven home screens that can be flooded with app shortcuts, widgets and folders. There is also a fitness tracking app called the S-Health where one could make their health profile. It also identifies the surrounding’s temperature through the phone’s in-built sensors. A fascinating feature of the phone is its motion and gesture-driven controls. The phone lasts for a good 9-10 hours.
Samsung Galaxy S4 is mechanized by Samsung’s Exynos 5 octa processor which is a set of two quad-core processors. The onboard RAM is of 2GB and is expandable up to 16GB. This phone is certainly the most powerful Android Smartphone in terms of hardware at the price of around 800USD.

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