ASUS Cube Google TV review


Asus has created a TV Box of Google. The Cube is composed of services and applications and its system of menu arranges all these choices in small bits. It is a plastic block which is black in color and is of 4.8 inches on each side. Asus Cube is rectangular in shape, consists of a QWERTY keyboard and playback controls, which are conventional in nature, and an on-screen mouse pointer controller. It provides for a motion sensor for playing some games that are available on the Google Play Store. This model’s back-panel is composed of an HDMI output and input, an Ethernet port, USB port, power connector and an infra-red blaster port. Another USB port is situated on the cube, on its right side.  
The touch-pad is big and very sensitive. The Asus Cube uses it Cube UI to direct you to the most used items. The touch-pad can be disabled by just pressing button of the mouse pointer which is located on the remote’s right side. The touchpad can also be turned into a navigation helper with an eight way and four directions. The cube consists of categories that includes Home, Music, TV and Movies, Social, Sports, News, Games, Favorites and Education.

The microphone of the remote lets one control the Asus Cube with their voice. You can do it by just pressing the microphone button and talking into it when the voice prompt arrives on the screen. The Cube can access myriads of apps through Google Play since it is a Google TV device. Media apps like Netflix are already installed as they are the most commonly used apps on the Cube, but anything can be downloaded from games to calendar apps.

The Prime Time feature of the Google TV accommodates live television and online content services into a single menu system. It is easy to access a lot of programs that can be opened at once. You could also close apps manually to lighten the memory. The Cube aspires to enhance the live TV watching experience. If you are longing for a Google TV, Asus Cube is one of the best ideas to get it into your home theatre.

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