Nintendo DS Vs the 3DS


The Nintendo DS has been one of Nintendo’s most popular handheld games consoles since the original Game Boy, boasting distinctive features such as a dual screen technology, combining a classic LCD screen with a touch screen, enabling new and alternative gaming features. Furthermore the console allowed multiple consoles to be combined in unison, so players could play against one another through a wifi-enabled connection. Despite the new advances in the technology, the Nintendo DS also stuck with some of its traditional Game Boy roots, allowing compatibility with previous models and a range of classic games. The newer Nintendo 3DS also boasts a host of fantastic features, such as the amazing 3D technology, cool graphics and sophisticated game play. But in doing so it also seems to lose some of the initial simplicity and charm that was so crucial to the success of the Game Boy and the Nintendo DS.
Game selection
There is little doubt that some of the games released on the Nintendo 3DS are some of the most sophisticated and exciting handheld games on the market. For example, the Zelda Ocarina of Time available on the 3DS is far advanced compared to any of the Nintendo DS Zelda titles and there are a range of games which exploit the 3DS 3D graphics brilliantly. However, despite the Nintendo 3DS being available for a number of years, there is still a far larger selection of games available on the Nintendo DS. Furthermore the early DS editions were made to be compatible with Nintendo’s Game Boy advance, meaning that this hugely increases the range of games available. If you are interested only in simple classic gaming, which is arguably what the handheld console is all about, the Nintendo DS is perhaps the model for you, but if you are excited by the a small range of sophisticated game using the latest in technology there is an argument to say the 3DS is a better console.
The Nintendo DS seemed revolutionary when it was first introduced using the dual screen and touch screen technology to great advantage. However, many would argue that the Nintendo DS works best when used much like a Game Boy, simply using the two push buttons and the four way directional pad to the side of the screen and ignoring wifi and stylus game play alike. Therefore some may argue that both the 3DS and the DS are not much better than the Game Boy. Much like the original Game Boy, the Nintendo DS will always be regarded as a classic model and therefore is most likely to retain its value for many years, especially as it becomes regarded as retro and antique. Whereas the 3DS advances did not revolutionise game play and therefore it will be regarded as an update on a previous model rather than a classic piece of era defining technology. If you are looking to sell a 3DS it will be better to do it sooner rather than later before the technology becomes outdated. You can sell your 3DS here.
The question as to which is the better console is really a matter of opinion and whether you are committed to classic gaming and selection, or perhaps the latest in gaming technology.

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