Top 9 Photo Apps that Every Mac User Ought to Try Out


Though a majority of them use Windows for their photo editing needs, there are a few people who prefer using Mac. But, they often struggle to find the right apps for Mac machines.
However, the fact is that there are innumerable options in the market when it comes to choosing a photo editor or image viewer Mac users have got plenty of professional programs. And, for those who are not aware of the right apps, here are top 9 photo apps for Mac users, which allow them to view, and edit their photos in a jiffy.

ArcSoft Photo+
This is a powerful and efficient picker cum photo viewer for Mac users. One can view over fifty formats of photos quickly and share them anytime through social media websites, like Twitter and Facebook. A variety of functions can be performed right from cropping pictures to rotating and zooming in.
Adobe Photoshop
Though there are quite a few good photo editors for Mac, Photoshop needs no introduction. It provides few of the touch-up brushes, top color correction techniques, and other photo adjustment tools to provide a range of options. It is undoubtedly the top choice to consider.

The GIMP is a free open source cross-platform program, and there are different versions available for Mac, Linux, and Windows, making it the ideal choice for people working on different platforms.
Priced at as low as $29.99, Pixelmator has lots of photo editing features. The latest edition is enhanced when compared to its precursor and is a great option for photo editor. The only downside is that it does not have any inbuilt feature to organize photos due to which it depends on Aperture or i Photo.  If you feel that you require an advanced, full-featured photo editing app, then this is for you.

iLife ‘11
With lots of new features, this excellent photo editing app allows you to see your photos on all iOS devices. It is also great for organizing and importing photos with just a handful of editing tools.
This photo editing program is meant for those who want to play around with pixel graphics. It works well for creating avatars, cursors, and game sprites.
It may seem like this open source software appears like just the basics, but it has everything required for editing a photo. Further, this multi-platform program is very easy to use even for the novice users.

FX Photo Studio Pro
This is yet another full featured Mac photo editor that is offered at an affordable price. It has plenty of features that are found in GIMP and Photoshop. It is even more advantageous when compared to these two as it has many filters that can be used for editing. 
Acorn 3.0
Acorn is one of the easiest to use among all Mac picture editing programs and it also has most of the features found in other top-rated softwares. It comprehensive tool set is what makes it a very powerful image editor for Mac systems. Though, it lags behind due to the fact that it lacks an inbuilt photo organizer.
So, go ahead and pick the best photo apps for Mac that suit your requirements out of these excellent choices.

Author Bio
Janet Roberts is a photography professional, who loves to edit all her photos on Mac systems, and share them on Picasa.

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